F5Bot Privacy Policy

Version 1.1, 13 June 2019

F5Bot is owned and operated by Silo 9 Inc.

Every time you visit this site, some impersonal information may be collected. This may include your IP address, the time of visit, and your browser's user-agent string. We collect this data only to better understand how our visitors use our website and to improve our services.

If you create an account with F5Bot, we will store some personal information, such as your name and email address. This information is used to provide the F5Bot service. We may also collect usage statistics from time to time in order to improve our service.

We only share your information with third parties as required to provide the F5Bot service or as required by law. We do not share or sell your information for marketing purposes.

F5Bot.com does use cookies. This is required for the website's functionality.